Stories from field

Driving Gender Equality in the Arab States through Partnerships with the Private Sector

UN Women in the Arab States region promotes and implements a holistic approach in its Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) programming.

WEPs in Action- South Africa

First in-person WEPs Community of Practice

WEPs in Action - Bolivia

BancoSol accelerating WEPs implementation

WEPs in Action - Nigeria

Watch this Call to Action video from Nigeria, and learn about why the private sector is crucial to empower women and girls in the country.

WEPs in Action - Transforming the Textile Sector

Transforming the textile sector - Pakistan

WEPs Asia Pacific Forum 2023

Building on the seized momentum created through the WEPs in Asia-Pacific and leveraging the established stakeholder networks, inclusive of UN Women’s business network (2,000+ Asia-Pacific WEPs signatories), broader ecosystem stakeholders, such as regional governmental bodies ASEAN7, co

WEPs in Action - Meet WEPs Signatories in Jordan

Learn about WEPs activities in Jordan, and listen to the signatories in the country on why gender equality matters for their business and why they have been working with the WEPs.

Ring the Bell for Gender Equality 2023

UN Women has teamed up with the other Ring the Bell for Gender Equality (RTB) partners for the ninth consecutive year to co-organize RTB events and stock exchanges in commemoration of the 2023 International Women’s Day (IWD).