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Women’s Empowerment Principles Logo Usage Guidelines

About the WEPs Logo

The WEPs logo has a clean line above the name to symbolize the signature line of the CEO Statement of Support. The line embodies a clear place to start your company’s WEPs journey to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Promoting the WEPs

As UN Women and the UN Global Compact, we encourage all our partners and stakeholders to help promote the WEPs signature and implementation throughout the world.

For those eligible to sign the WEPs CEO Statement of Support, we encourage you to make their WEPs commitment visible. There are many benefits to showcasing your status as a WEPs signatory. Consumers, workers, investors and shareholders will know that your organisation has made it a business priority to achieve the highest standards of gender equality and women’s empowerment and that your company stands in solidarity with the United Nations to end gender inequality in the workplace, marketplace and community.

Using the “In Support of” Logo

Maintaining consistency in the display of the WEPs name and logo by the UN Women and the UN Global Compact is an important aspect of the WEPs outreach strategy. Accordingly, where supporting organizations incorporate the WEPs name and logos in their materials for the permitted uses outlined above, they are asked to strictly adhere to the following guidelines regarding the reproduction and display of the WEPs name and logos. The logo must be black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds.

The “In Support of” logo (see Image 1) may be used by the WEPs signatories for any promotional activity aimed at increasing awareness of the WEPs, provided they adhere to these Guidelines. This means that the usage should make clear that its main purpose is to support the mandate of UN Women, UN Global Compact and the WEPs. The primary focus should be the WEPs and not the relationship between the WEPs and the company or the services or products of the company. In short, it is an opportunity to promote the WEPs themselves and encourage others to sign; and not an opportunity for favourable publicity for the company because of its signature of the WEPs. See below for a few sample use-cases.

In all materials on which the WEPs logo or WEPs “In Support of” logo is used, the logo must appear in isolation, uncluttered by competing images. The logo should appear horizontally. The logo should not be used as part of a sentence or word phrase or associated with any non-related symbols or graphical elements. The logo must not be used out of context where it is unclear to which organization is the supporter of the WEPs.

To use the “In Support of” logo, the signatories must agree to the below Terms and Conditions (reproduced below) and complete and sign the Agreement Form. Once the agreement is completed, a high-resolution PNG and AI files will be provided.

Examples of Permitted Use of the "In Support of" Logo

Image 1: "In Support of" WEPs logo

In Support of WEPs logo


Image 2: Use cases for logo

Use cases for logo

Entities that have been authorized to use the “In support of” logo on their website are strongly encouraged to link the logo to the WEPs homepage at www.weps.org.

Non-Permitted Use of "In Support of" Logo

Please note that the following uses will not be permitted:

  • Any use of the logo in connection with fundraising.
  • Any use of the logo as an endorsement or promotion of products and/or services.
  • Any use of the logo in connection with event/conferences in which UN Women or the UN Global Compact is not a co-organizer, host or participant.
  • Any use of the logo on social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, apart from use that is to promote the WEPs (as opposed to promoting the company or promoting the company by capitalizing on its signature of the WEPs).
  • Any use of the logo as a permanent graphical element of stationery, business cards, or other variably utilized print materials. Use of the logo as part of an email signature is permitted as set out below.
  • Header or footer of the website.

Using the "In Support of" WEPs Logo in Email Signature

The use of the "In Support of" WEPs Logo in Email Signature is encouraged to demonstrate the support for the WEPs and promote uptake.

Consequences of Misuse

The United Nations reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of a breach of the Terms and Conditions, including these Guidelines. Possible actions may include, but are not limited to, removal of the company from the WEPs website and database, and/or reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities. Any suspected misuse of a WEPs logo should be referred promptly to the WEPs office (weps@unwomen.org.)

Use of the Official WEPs Logos

The official WEPs logos (see Image 3) are reserved only for the official use of UN Women and the UN Global Compact.

Image 3: WEPs logo for official use by UN Women and the UN Global Compact

Official logo

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. I have read and agree to use the Logo in accordance with the Women’s Empowerment Principles Logo Usage Guidelines (the “Guidelines”). 
  2. I understand that the Logo is the property of the United Nations which owns all rights to its use. I agree not to challenge or otherwise carry out any act that would impair the United Nations rights in the Logo and further agree not to register or otherwise attempt to obtain rights in this Logo or any confusingly similar mark. Nothing herein is intended to grant any right in the Logo other than the right to use the Logo in accordance with the Guidelines and these Terms and Conditions. 
  3. I agree to fully cooperate with any request by UN Women or the UN Global Compact Office to review any materials using the Logo and to promptly make any changes requested.
  4. My license to use the Logo is related to this request only and will terminate no later than termination or expiration of the activities for which I am seeking this permission today. 
  5. Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is a pre-condition of your permission to use the Logo. The United Nations reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Logo, in its sole discretion, it believes that the privilege is being used in a way that is detrimental to its interests or these Terms and Conditions are not being met. If such permission is withdrawn, all references to the Logo shall be immediately removed. 
  6. I am responsible for ensuring that the activities related to the Women’s Empowerment Principles are carried out in accordance with the applicable law and for ensuring that, where relevant, the appropriate insurance is maintained to cover the risks arising out of such activities. 
  7. The United Nations does not assume any responsibility for my activities. 
  8. I shall hold harmless and defend the United Nations and its officials against any action that may be brought against the United Nations and the Founders, or its officials as a result of my use of the Logo.
  9. When using the Logo, I shall in no way convey or imply that I represent the United Nations or related agencies, including UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office, or its officials. 
  10. I understand that any permission to use the Logo does not constitute authorization for use of the United Nations logo; nor does it constitute authorization for use of either the UN Women logo and/or the UN Global Compact logo.
  11. No permission is granted for commercial use. The logo cannot be modified in any way and it must be placed in such a manner that it is clear from the context that it is the organization that supports the Women’s Empowerment Principles and not vice versa. 
  12. Permission to use the Logo is granted without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

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