WEPs Asia Pacific Forum 2023


Building on the seized momentum created through the WEPs in Asia-Pacific and leveraging the established stakeholder networks, inclusive of UN Women’s business network (2,000+ Asia-Pacific WEPs signatories), broader ecosystem stakeholders, such as regional governmental bodies ASEAN7, country governments8 , policy makers, Security Exchange Commissions, Stock Exchanges and various business organizations (i.e. Chamber of Commerce), UN Women organized the 2023 Asia-Pacific WEPs Forum to create a platform for learning and networking and to further catalyze commitments and deeper business action towards gender equality. 

The Forum is organized as part of the new DFAT-supported programme ‘Advancing the implementation of Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) for Accelerated Business Action for Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific,’ which will contribute to the broader Business and Human Rights and Sustainable Development Agendas, particularly to advancing gender equality (SDG 5) and strengthening the engagement of the private sector towards sustainable development (SDG 17), ultimately contributing to more inclusive economic growth in Asia and the Pacific. 

Watch the video summarizing the 2 exciting days of the first WEPs Asia Pacific Forum 2023 held in Manila, Philippines. Let this video take you through the moments, insights and impactful discussions that unfolded.