WEPs in Action - Bolivia

Avanza Mujer
Bolivia, Plurinational State of

BancoSol accelerating WEPs implementation

BancoSol signed the WEPs in 2022. Since then, the bank has been working to advance gender equality and women's empowerment. Recognizing the power of finances with a purpose, BancoSol has been emphasizing the role of the financial sector as a crucial catalyst to promote women's economic empowerment and women’s financial inclusion.

Then the Bank took a step further to implement the WEPs and advance gender equality and women's empowerment through participating in the WEPs Business Accelerator pilot programme. Following a management assessment, an employee survey and a series of focus group discussions with clients and civil society, BancoSol identified gender gaps and challenges which formed the basis for its WEPs action plan. Together with UN Women, the Bank worked on prioritizing areas identified by the assessment.

2023 was a busy year for BancoSol. The company launched the programme "Avanza Mujer" that offers comprehensive financial solutions and value-added service to promote inclusion of women in financial services and support Bolivian women-owned and -led businesses. In October 2023, UN Women delivered a targeted training on concepts and applications of gender equality in business for the members of BancoSol’s Board of Directors.

In 2024, UN Woman and BancoSol will continue to collaborate and support the Bank’s efforts to become a gender transformative organization. Stay tuned for the case study that will come out from this project in 2024!


Photo Credit: BancoSol