WEPs Gender-Responsive Procurement Assessment Tool

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The WEPs Gender-Responsive Procurement (GRP) Assessment Tool allows companies to assess progress on their GRP policies and practices. This self-assessment tool is available to all WEPs signatories.

Consisting of 31 questions, the tool identifies gaps and areas for improvement based on inputs provided by the company.

The tool guides companies to work towards implementing Principle #5: Enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices. It was developed in consultation with companies from Asia and the Pacific and the European Union to ensure that the questions reflect real-life company practice and adhere to international standards and indicators.

Upon completion of the tool, you will receive an individual score card and resources to consider next steps for advancing GRP in your company and its supply chain.

Implementing GRP will benefit your company through:

  • Enhancing brand reputation, customer, and staff loyalty
  • Increasing innovation, resilience, and productivity in supply chains
  • Providing a positive impact in communities where you do business by including competitive women-owned businesses in all bid opportunities
  • Reducing costs through increased competition with gender-inclusive sourcing efforts
  • Demonstrating compliance to reporting commitments, such as ESG measures and legislation on due diligence in supply chains.

How To Use the Tool:

  • Step 0: Sign up to the WEPs if you have not done so already at https://www.weps.org/join
  • Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the questions contained in the GRP Assessment Tool. Short guidance note English| Thai| Vietnamese and Preview questions here (available in English, Thai, and Vietnamese)
  • Step 2: Assemble a team, ideally procurement staff with full access to information on suppliers and corporate policies and practices
  • Step 3: Gather relevant documents (e.g., procurement policies, supplier database, corporate gender equality policies or commitments, if available)
  • Step 4: Complete the Tool
  • Step 5: Review the score
  • Step 6: Access WEPs resources and take steps to advance GRP in your company


Take the Tool

Take the tool by signing in to www.weps.org

This tool is only available for WEPs signatories.


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