About the WEPs Gender Responsive Procurement Assessment Tool


1. Is the WEPs GRP Assessment Tool an auditing or certification tool?

The WEPs GRP Assessment Tool is a self-assessment tool for WEPs signatories to assess progress on their GRP policies and practices. Based on the data you provide, you will receive a score card that highlights gaps and areas for improvement. The tool does not use a third party to validate the data provided by the company and thus does not serve as a reporting mechanism, auditing tool, or certification.


2. Are the questions in the GRP Assessment Tool for all companies?

Yes, we encourage all companies of all sizes to take this self-assessment. While we recognize that small and medium size enterprises may have fewer resources and capacity to immediately address all the gaps and areas where they can have maximum impact, the assessment can help identify a plan of action and priority areas.


3. Are WEPs signatories required to take the Self-Assessment?

No company is required to take the GRP assessment tool. However, we hope that all companies find the tool useful in measuring implementation of WEPs Principle 5 on enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices.


4. My company is not yet a WEPs signatory. Will we be able to use the tool?

This self-assessment tool is available to all WEPs signatories. Sign up to the WEPs if you have not done so already at https://www.weps.org/join


5. Is this assessment only for business? What can other stakeholders do?

The GRP Assessment Tool was developed for the business community, as the main objective is to help companies advance on gender-responsive procurement. Only companies that are WEPs signatories will be able to register and complete the assessment.


6. What information will I need to complete the tool and to whom should I speak within the company about this?

The tool will require you to provide information about your company’s policies and practices on gender-responsive procurement across business functions. You may want to consult the following departments: Procurement/Purchasing; Human Resources; Diversity and Inclusion; Corporate Social Responsibility; Marketing; Business development, Product and Research Development; and Community or Government Relations. You will require an average of 2-3 hours to complete the assessment.


7. How frequently should my company take the self-assessment tool?

We encourage companies to take the assessment on an annual basis to measure progress over time. In order to keep aggregate data trends consistent, we ask companies to refrain from submitting multiple assessments within one year, unless there have been major developments in GRP policies or programmes.


8. What is the methodology behind the results?

The GRP Assessment Tool comprises of 31 questions covering five main themes, namely:

  1. Gender equality commitments
  2. Procurement policy and strategy
  3. Internal procurement and supply chain management department
  4. Supplier database and data reporting
  5. Supplier engagement and diversification.

You will be assigned a specific score based on each response to the questions. All the questions are weighted equally. 

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive numerical scores for each of the five themes along with the highest possible score for reference.

You will also receive an overall score with an indicator of your progress as being a Beginner, Improver, Achiever or Leader. The highest possible numerical score is 78. The following are the ranges for each score level: Beginner (0 – 20), Improver (21-40), Achiever (41-50), Leader (51-78).


Taking the self-assessment


9. Can the self-assessment be completed in sections? May I save as I go?

Yes, you may save as you go. You have the option to save it and complete it later.


10. I have completed the self-assessment, what happens next?

Congratulations on completing the assessment. Celebrate and share your strengths internally and externally and determine an action plan, based on UN Women’s guidance and resources provided, to address areas needing improvement. We encourage you to share the results with senior leaders at your company to communicate the company’s strengths and highlight the opportunities for further improvement on gender-responsive procurement.


11. I don't understand a question, or I am having technical difficulties. Who should I reach out to for assistance?

If you are having trouble with any of the questions in the survey or are unsure of anything, please reach out to weps@unwomen.org.


Privacy and Data Security


12. Will my company's information remain private?

Protecting your privacy is UN Women’s top priority. The data that you enter into the self-assessment tool will be treated strictly confidential and the results will never be linked back to an individual company or divulged to the public. Data will be solely used in its aggregate form to better understand gender equality trends and areas needing further support and resources by the WEPs community.


13. How do I view the scores of my peers?

Unless a company makes their results public on their own website, all company results are confidential. Once the tool generates enough data, you will be able to benchmark your company at the aggregate level against companies by sector, region, country, and size.


14. Are there any risks to taking the GRP Assessment Tool?

No. There are no risks to participating in this assessment. It is merely a learning platform to advance gender equality through gender-responsive procurement.