Empowering Women at Work: Company Policies and Practices for Gender Equality

Empowering Women at Work
ILO, EU and UN Women

This report presents key guiding frameworks and 38 illustrative policies and practices for companies to promote gender equality at work, with focus on five key areas:

1. Achievement of equal pay for work of equal value;
2. Prevention and elimination of violence and harassment;
3. Creating a harmonious work-life balance for both women and men;
4. Equal representation of women in business and management roles;
5. Investment in a future of work that works for women.

It was prepared as part of a series of publications on key stakeholders’ illustrative practices on gender equality at work under the ILO, EU and UN Women project “Empowering women at work through responsible business conduct in G7 countries” (WE EMPOWER – G7 Programme).

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Publisher : ILO, EU and UN Women | 2020 | Region : Global

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