PPC Group


Georgios Stassis (M)

CEO & President

If WEPs didn’t exist, we would surely need to invent it! For big companies like PPC, which are in the middle of a major transition journey towards more sustainable and equitable practices, initiatives like this help us safeguard our roadmap to success. Advancing gender equality within the company and beyond, for a company that holds such a central role in the Greek market and society, is of outmost importance, given our reach and impact. Our commitment to the seven principles and the implementation of a plan of actions derived from this framework, is a critical success factor for our transition and one we hold ourselves responsible and accountable for. At PPC, we strongly believe success in business is about strong and healthy societies, which drive change and constantly improve their performance in inclusion and diversity.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 03 October 2022
10,001-50,000 employees


Electric Utilities


Europe and Central Asia
Also operating and will implement WEPs in the following countries and regions:
Other Countries
Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of