Gender equality is everyone’s business. But the sad truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic has rolled back decades of progress.  

We are working tirelessly, hand in hand with signatories everywhere, to accelerate gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community.   

The role of the WEPs community has never been more important. 

Through the WEPs Secretariat, UN Women has: 

  • Produced ground-breaking resources showcasing how to solve workplace and marketplace challenges. 
  • Created instructional videos and guides to empower young women at work. 
  • Convened companies, business networks and other organizations to share innovative and good practices to advance gender equality.   
  • Provided a platform for networking among changemakers. 
  • Inspired and supported women entrepreneurs in their business journeys.  

We are determined that our WEPs family rise to the challenges of the past years and achieve an even greater impact globally.  

That requires resources.  

All contributions to the WEPs from WEPs signatories will be recognized on our Donor Wall. This will enable nearly 10,000 WEPs signatories and all other organizations and individuals who rely on our platform worldwide to see your invaluable contribution.  

Donors are recognized according to the following tiers of support:  

Bronze$10,000 +
Silver$20,000 +
Gold$40,000 +
Platinum$50,000 +
Diamond$75,000 +

Upon donating, we will update your company presence on our website accordingly so that your business partners and consumers can also see what your company stands for.   

We have made donating easy. You can donate through our website via credit card or email us at for wire transfer details. 

We would like to thank our wonderful donors -- from small businesses to multinational organizations -- for their contributions. Every donation helps further our work and the impact we have on gender equality and inclusivity worldwide.