Activities for Ending Violence Against Women: UN Women Albania office

Europe and Central Asia | Albania

The WEPs community in Albania is growing rapidly. In November 2022, 30 companies had adopted the WEPs of which 19 joined in 2022. Eighteen of these WEPs signatories participated in a meeting – organized by UN Women Albania in October 2022 – to discuss the private sector's role during this year’s 16 days of activism on ending violence against women.

With a firm commitment to jointly advance gender equality and women's empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community, the WEPs signatories brainstormed together on how to engage in the campaign based on previous years’ activities, such as “orange-ing” the companies’ social media pages, “orange-ing” ATMs and other services that are available to the public, promoting reporting of violence through dedicated applications, organizing open lectures and engaging students.

They shared good practices on addressing violence against women in each of their companies and reiterated their commitment to ending violence against women in the workplace and to join efforts with other WEPs signatories to stop violence against women and raise the general public’s awareness about this issue. As a result, there will be a joint video message and open lectures and advocacy.

“We believe that the private sector can play a significant role in addressing violence against women in Albania, and we look forward to join hands in this year’s campaign with several of our historic and new WEPs signatories,” said Michele Ribotta, UN Women Albania Representative.