#WeLearn Secure a Seat at the Table

UN Women

On 7 October 2020, WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme hosted the "Secure a Seat at the Table" learning session. Learners found out what are the key challenges to address and overcome for a true advancement in the workplace and the intersectionality in the workplace.


Opening remarks - Corinna Valente, Programme Manager EU Policies, European Commission)

Trainer - Minda Harts, Career Development Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Closing remarks - Anna Falth, Manager, WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme; Head, Women’s Empowerment Principles Secretariat, UN Women

Moderator - Diana Rusu, Policy Specialist, Innovation and Knowledge Management for Women's Economic Empowerment, UN Women



Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women at Work through Responsible Business Conduct in G7 Countries (WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme) is a programme funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UN Women and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The WE EMPOWER G7 Programme convene multistakeholder dialogues in the EU, Canada, Japan and the US to exchange knowledge, experiences, good practices and lessons learned in the context of the changing world of work.


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