Creating Fair and Equal Workplaces

UN Women and UN Global Compact in Denmark

On 14 December 2020, the UN Women and the UN Global Compact in Denmark co-hosted the "Creating Fair and Equal Workplaces" event with participation of Nordic companies. 

Principle 2 "Treating all women and men fairly at work" aligns with international human rights principles on labor standards an It also translates to better talent acquisition, higher employee retention and satisfaction, increased productivity and better decision making. Removing all forms of discrimination in corporate policies, strategies, culture, and practices is a solid step forward in a company’s journey towards treating all employees fairly.

The webinar showcased how companies can through a focus on Principle 2 further the efforts in creating a fair and equal workplace.


  • Susanne Andersen, Sustainability Senior Manager, Arla Foods
  • Therese Torstensson, Head of Talent Supply & Development, Tele2 Sweden


  • Anna Falth, Manager, WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme and Head, WEPs Secretariat, UN Women
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Publisher : UN Women | 2020

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