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Within Yavuzcehre Textıle located in Turkey; It aims to develop policies and implement the methods in the policies developed to eliminate the inequalities that arise due to the roles of femininity and masculinity created by the society, and the discrimination experienced due to sexual orientation and gender identity. We apply positive discrimination by giving priority to our female employees during recruitment. We support our stakeholders, where the employment rate of female employees is below 50%, to increase women's employment with our principle of positive discrimination during recruitment. We ensure that the harassment and discrimination and gender committee is formed. Adapting the gender roles imposed by the society to the work and private life of women in order to prevent stereotypes in the workplace ensures a healthy process in working life, following the legal regulations and applying the leave and legal rights that will help the employee. We accept Weps commitments because we aim to establish a gender equality-based system by providing gender training and parent training to our employees at the workplace.

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WEPs signatory since 22 December 2021
Private (M)
51-200 employees




Europe and Central Asia

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