Veyseloglu Group of Companies

Aydin Talibov (M)

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Founded 28 years ago, Veyseloglu Group of Companies is now an active player in the FMCG sector, encompassing retail, distribution and production. Its mission is to generate long-term value for customers and the nation’s economic development as a whole. Today, the Group employs over 20 thousand people across the country. We appreciate that the retail and wholesale sector, as well as logistics and distribution, have traditionally employed male workforce because of the nature of the work and physical demands it often entails. Being one of the largest employers in the non-energy sector, we feel we can do more to change the existing situation. In doing so, we aim to create equal recruitment and employment opportunities, as well as build a more diverse and inclusive work environment. We believe that encouraging women to have a career in retail and FMCG, as well as providing training and professional development opportunities, contributes to the development of human capital, and – ultimately – to sustainable development of a nation. We also appreciate the role women play in the society as a whole, therefore will endeavor to encourage their wellbeing and enhance their standing in the society.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 24 November 2022
Private M
10,001-50,000 employees


Between 30% and 50% women employees.


Food Retail


Europe and Central Asia
Also operating and will implement WEPs in the following countries and regions:
Other Countries