Trijog- Know Your Mind Pvt. Ltd.


Arushi Sethi (F)

Co - Founder and CEO | Trijog- Know Your Mind

At Trijog, we champion, support and in real time action execute among us, every step towards Women empowerment. We believe women have a limitless and expansive ability to learn with authenticity and display exceptional skills towards ownership, responsibility and accountability. Our team comprises 90% women from diverse stratas giving all an opportunity to grow and thrive. It is essential for us to employ and give a voice to the women of today. As leaders, we hold the power to mold every life we interact with. Our reality is defined by the ability to turn intention into action, we need to empower to enhance and lift women higher. Every day, every moment forward.

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WEPs signatory since 17 September 2021
Private (F)
51-200 employees


Managed Health Care


Asia and the Pacific

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