Samarkand Global

David Hampstead (M)

Chief Executive Officer

At Samarkand Global we are proud that our community is made up of a diverse pool of talent. We recognise the importance of having a balanced workforce in which women are treated equally, where they hold key leadership positions, and are full participants in decision making. We are keenly aware of the importance of gender equality in all of our teams, in particular, technology where statistically women are underrepresented. In the past year we became a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter UK and strive to improve in any area where we have not yet achieved equality. This is an important aspiration for our business and for this reason we seek to become a signatory of the WEPs, and be informed by their road-map to help realise our ambition to create a fully inclusive Company at every level.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 02 September 2022
Private F/M
51-200 employees


Online Retail


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland