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Roopa Kumar (F)

Founder & CEO

Organizations that foster a culture that is solely focused on growth, productivity, and values will see increased efficiency. Finding varied skill sets is the first step in establishing a productive workplace culture. Purple Quarter believes that capability and mastery are not gender defined. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Achieving top talent requires an outlook that focuses on gender diversity. Purple Quarter's focus is on talent. Why would we want to limit our talent pool? A diverse group of employees in a company means broader and more progressive viewpoints and ideas, which ultimately contributes to an organization's overall development. All of us grew up in awe of the wonder women at home; our mothers were powerful influencers and leaders who managed households and nurtured us. Then why do we doubt the capability of a woman? Success is not about gender; it's about passion, vision, and purpose.

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WEPs signatory since 28 December 2021
Private (F/M)
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