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Everyone knows that the main business activity of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (Company [stock code: TRJA]) is to operate as a service provider in the rental of 4x4 and 4x2 or four wheel drive (FWD) vehicles for the Mining Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, and Construction Industry which is more closely related to work done by men, but Juliana believes that there is no limit for any gender to be able to carry out various jobs if done well. To be able to provide opportunities for every HR regardless of gender differences, since 2021, with the support of various stakeholders including external organizations, the Company has begun to declare its commitment actively, progressively and sustainably design HR development programs in the field of gender, one of which is by recruiting women to be trained and work as Company mechanics. Recruitment, Other Programs and Policies that are continuously developed by the Company are sustainable Internal Programs that are expected to provide positive benefits in the Company's contribution to achieve the goals in the field of gender equality. Not only realizing an ideal, these Program also provides added value for Company and expands employment opportunities for everyone, which is also carried out to achieve the UN's 5th (fifth) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For Juliana, TRJA's contribution to the Implementation of Gender Equality Principles will have a positive impact on the Company's sustainable development first by paying attention to the rights of all employees which will ultimately improve the performance of employees and the Company as a whole. For this reason, in its implementation, Juliana's Principles, who is also a Woman CEO of the Company, are fully committed to the implementation of gender principles: Women's Empowerment, Empowered Women, TRJA for Gender Equality, Gender Equality for TRJA.

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