MRT Jakarta


William Sabandar (M)

President Director

We believe that behind every erected brick and stone in our developments lies the hardwork of our equaly talented men and women. We believe that for each and every satisfied customer we engage - there is a strong determination to serve demonstrated by our proud boys and girls. We believe that our engineering marvels and state-of-the-art business conducts were resulted from the brightest of minds of mothers and fathers working in our institution. Our consistent commitment to equality is deeply ingrained into our processes and decision making opportunities - all the way from recruitment, to career development and fulfllment of key positions. We appreciate people’s accomplishments blindly without looking at their sex, race, age, and such other attributions. By design, our existence is to celebrate diversity and facilitate equality, as those are the fundamentals of what we are here for: building urban lives and improving life quality.

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WEPs signatory since 21 September 2021
501-1000 employees


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