MBc Sustainability Consultancy Services Co Ltd


Burcu Basaran (F)

Founder & Managing Director

As a newly founded company at MBc Sustainability (Mindful Business), we take pride in being established on solid principles that empower women and provide access to proper healthcare, a physically and mentally safe, and a non-discriminatory workplace with equal rights and opportunities. At MBc, a sustainable world by doing mindful business based on W3 principles (Win for planet, Win for people, Win for profit) is the core of our philosophy. As a sustainability company, we take responsibility for building a constant stream of perspective to foster equality, and we heartily endorse the Women’s Empowerment Principles to ensure a workplace where everyone, regardless of their gender, age, race, or whatever distinctive feature they may have can voice and flourish their ideas.

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WEPs signatory since 11 September 2022
Private (F)


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