Limage Media Group

Stephanie Forster Limage (F)

CEO & Founder

Limage Media Group has a long track record of international social impact, we are committed to partnering with arts organizations, educational institutions, individuals, media groups and community stakeholders from marginalized and underrepresented communities (First Nations, LGBTQIA+, Women, Immigrants, Minorities & Refugees). We have adopted the goals of the WEP and are implementing the WEP's into our governance. We are excited to join the global community of companies taking action to achieve gender equality as we believe in the umbrella effect. In order to achieve common goals, we all need one another which in turn creates more social impact and systemic change.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 11 November 2020
Private (F)
11-50 employees


Between 30% and 50% women employees.

Above 80% women at management level.

Above 80% women on boards/executive team/partners.





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