Klubi i Futbollit Tirana SH.A


Refik Halili (M)

KF Tirana President, CEO

KF Tirana's football club social heart has always beaten with a firm rhythm. Using football's phenomenal popularity and influence, we have raised awareness of human rights and social and environmental issues, led campaigns against discrimination, ran events to foster diversity and inclusion, and promoted healthy lifestyles for all age groups. With all the proceeding themes we need to create opportunities for women and girls to play football. It is inconceivable to think that a modern club would be unconcerned about the historic inequalities and the future opportunities that reside in this part of the game. Each aspect of our sport needs to be reviewed to address the barriers and support structures for an increase in playing opportunities for girls and women. KF Tirana has implemented and will follow a new football strategy that provides a vision and a methodology that will serve to challenge and motivate all members of the football community in Albania. Women's football will be treated as an integral part of football because that is the only way it can reach its full potential. KF Tirana will serve it's commitment to strengthen the position of women and girls in the world of football aiming to attract girls and women that are willing to show how much passion, determination, strength, and character there is in female footballers. The world of Albanian football will become more inspiring, empowering, and accessible to all girls and women.

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WEPs signatory since 04 September 2023
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