Kabar Media

Avineet Hazuria (M)

Co Founder and Director

Conscious of the better outcomes that are made possible when women are in leadership and managerial roles, at Kabar Media we have created a workplace environment that is diverse, inclusive and supportive of women’s personal and professional growth. For this reason we strongly support the WEPs and are committed to continuing to uphold these principles within our organisation.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 01 June 2020
Private (M)
1-10 employees


Between 51% and 80% women employees.

Between 51% and 80% women at management level.

Between 51% and 80% women on boards/executive team/partners.




Asia and the Pacific

Progress - 2022

Has a confidential grievance, resolution, reporting and non-retaliation mechanism and procedure to respond to incidents of violence and harassment
Last updated on: 16 June 2021

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