Carlo Pesenti (M)

Chief Executive Officer

"As from our Code of Ethics, we believe fairness and the protection of individuals, and their rights and values, to be among our fundamental values. At Italmobiliare Investment Holding we recognize having a stake in and being accountable for gender equality and women’s empowerment. From governance bodies to portfolio companies, it is about innovation, effectiveness, sustainability and eventually competitiveness. In the holding, women represent over 40% of Board of Directors members, over 70% Board’s Committees members, almost 40% of managers and 50% of total employees. This is the ground for our commitment".

General Information

WEPs signatory since 01 July 2020
501-1000 employees


Less than 30% women employees.

Less than 30% women at management level.

Between 30% and 50% women on boards/executive team/partners.


Multi-Sector Holdings


Europe and Central Asia

Progress - 2020

Progress - 2021

Last updated on: 02 March 2022

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