Boris Kontsevoi (M)

President & CEO

Entrepreneurship is a skill: the ability to work flexibly in a changing environment. And, like all skills, it can be nurtured and developed. At Intetics, we are dedicated to skills development and helping women advance in their careers. To achieve this, we offer mentoring programs that help women formulate professional goals and develop plans to achieve them. What's more, Intetics works with Google's #IamRemarkable initiative, IT parks, and communities. One of our leading experts, Digital Marketing Director is a program alumna focused on Women and entrepreneurship from IVLP`2018, U.S. Department of State. Intetics is conducting workshops that empower women to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. We have a balance at Intetics; women hold high-level corporate positions as well as software engineering roles. Overall, women make up 40% of our team, and we are striving to increase that percentage.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 27 April 2021
Private M
501-1000 employees


Internet Software and Services


United States of America
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