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Naaraayini Balasubramaniam (F)


The start to finding a solution is identifying the source of the problem. Getting upset about it and complaining is all valid, but it’s also about the impact we can make with the energy we are exerting. I want to find that sweet spot, and execute solutions, not only feel dissatisfied. It is why I have focused on promoting education and development for both our beneficiaries and ourselves on the team. The empowerment work GoodKids Malaysia does, will ensure everyone has access to their human rights, and I do what I can to break a system built on discrimination. While I strive for equality and development for the at-risk communities and the most vulnerable people, I also want to make sure it is an emotionally, mentally and physically safe environment for the community, myself and my team, as the decisions and plans we have are usually contradictory to a system that thrives on social and economic boundaries set to marginalize women.

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WEPs signatory since 08 October 2021
Private (F)
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