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Kazuyuki Shimada (M)


Hello. I am Shimada from FANCL.Since its founding, FANCL has had a culture in which women play an active role, and more than 60% of full-time employees are women. Therefore, we feel that the promotion of women improves corporate value, employee engagement, and leads to the strength of the company. We believe that the active participation of women is extremely important in pioneering a new era, as they bring diverse perspectives and values. One of the main themes in the growth strategy of the "3rd Medium-Term Management Plan" with FY Mar /2022 as the first year, "Implement Human resource development and utilization" is set as one of the most important issues of the women’s promotion. In particular, we will make a serious effort to promote women in senior management positions, such as directors and general managers, who are involved in the decision-making process of the company.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 04 February 2022
501-1000 employees


Between 51% and 80% women employees.

Between 30% and 50% women at management level.

Less than 30% women on boards/executive team/partners.


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Progress - 2022

Percentage of women and men employees
  • 62.20
  • 37.8
  • 61 - 65%
  • 36 - 40%
Percentage of women and men in senior management positions
  • 25.00
  • 75
  • 20 - 25%
  • 70 - 75%
Last updated on: 26 April 2022

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