Ericka Evangelista House of Fashion Design


Ericka Evangelista (F)

Founder & Fashion Designer

Coming from a corporate workplace and starting my own business, I realised that there are many opportunities for shifts and changes, that I wanted to do on my own. Not only do I want every women to look and feel beautiful while wearing our creations, I also want to believe in people. I want to hone, honour talents, pay proper wages, promote a holistic life, while also supporting causes in our small yet empowering ways. Joining the WEP program would greatly help empower our people better, most especially women. This would help us create a workplace that they would thrive in. A workplace where both genders are equal and treated with love and respect. We aim to roll these principles from our top key persons, down to our tailors.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 17 September 2021
Private (F)
1-10 employees


Luxury Apparel


Asia and the Pacific

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