EcoEnterprises Fund


Tammy Newmark (F)

CEO & Managing Partner

EcoEnterprises Fund has led the way in gender-smart, nature-positive investments in Latin America. We are a pioneering women-owned and led investment manager established with the vision to utilize entrepreneurial ingenuity, strategies for sustainable management of community-based natural resources and the private sector as a tool for biodiversity conservation and social equity goals. The WEP principles enable us to formalize our “gender DNA” to better communicate our gender strategy and impacts. We stand at a challenging time, as Latin America struggles to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic; women have been especially affected. The dedication and positive impacts that we have seen from our portfolio inspire us to continue pushing for progress. In the last two decades, we have spearheaded investment in women-led businesses and supported next-generation models to help launch them into the mainstream. From investing in early movers in organic and regenerative agriculture, technology driven solutions and net-zero models that have now reached widespread recognition, EcoEnterprises Fund is an agent of change, illustrating women’s leadership in the region and in the investment world.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 22 September 2021
Private (F)
1-10 employees


Asset Management


United States of America
Americas and the Caribbean

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