Aydem Enerji


İdris Küpeli (M)

Aydem Enerji CEO

As Aydem Energy, we adopt the approach of justice and equality in every field; and besides our commercial activities, we also invest in the developmental areas of the society. We stand up against all forms of discrimination, as well as standing against gender-based discrimination. We continue our efforts with our Aydem Equal Life initiative to balance the placement of men and women in social and business life, which is one of the important criteria of social welfare and development. In order to empower women and ensure gender equality in all fields; we transform our policies, our ways of doing business, and our physical spaces and adopt equal opportunity as a fundamental stance against gender-based discrimination. We will continue to increase the number of our female colleagues working under the umbrella of Aydem Energy at all levels, and we shall work to bring female power into the economy, social life and into development. I am sure that our signing of WEPs will be an important step for the transformation of our company, industry and country, by motivating us to reach these goals.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 17 January 2022
Private M
10,001-50,000 employees


Electric Utilities


Europe and Central Asia