Ambire Global

Aditi Ramola (F)

Co-Founder and CEO

I believe that empowering women and advancing gender equality is not just a moral imperative, but a strategic necessity for Ambire Global. By implementing the WEPs and joining the global community of companies committed to this cause, we acknowledge that diversity and gender inclusivity drive innovation, foster creativity, and enhance our competitiveness. It's not just about doing what's right; it's about building a stronger, more resilient future for our company and society as a whole.

General Information

WEPs signatory since 07 September 2023
Private F/M
11-50 employees


Research and Consulting


Also operating and will implement WEPs in the following countries and regions:
Other Countries

Progress - 2023

Percentage of women and men employees
  • 70.00
  • 30
  • 65 - 70%
  • 25 - 30%
Percentage of women and men in senior management positions
  • 66.00
  • 34
  • 66 - 70%
  • 31 - 35%

Annual Report

Last updated on: 05 October 2023