Powerful alliances building a better future for women across the world

14 Oct 2021

We invite you to an interactive discussion on how UN Women, ILO and the European Union have advanced gender equality and empowered women in Asia, Europe, G7 and Latin America.

Women's Empowerment Principles 101

14 Jul 2021

The WE EMPOWER Programme of the European Union, UN Women and International Labour Organization, and the United Nations Global Compact, are pleased to invite you to the Women’s Empowerment Principles 101 – Empowering Women in the Workplace, Marketplace, and Community virtual session. It will provide an overview of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and how the WEPs provide a strong framework to support companies when striving for gender equality in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Launch of the Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa Global Award for Women's Empowerment

01 Jul 2021

UN Women in cooperation and partnership with the Supreme Council for Women in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is hosting a virtual event to launch the second edition of the Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa Global Award for Women’s Empowerment on the sidelines of the Generation Equality Forum, co-hosted by the Governments of France and Mexico.

Parentsmart Employers – Getting the Return on Investment

03 Jun 2021

This dialogue will introduce the idea of how to be Parentsmart at work, and what Parentsmart employers can gain from supporting working parents, both in terms of competence development as well as other wins and KPIs. It will also provide insights on how to engage leaders and role models.

Application Period Extended for the 2021 Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards

31 May 2021

Applications are now open for the UN Women 2021 Asia-Pacific Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards, which honour Asia-Pacific private businesses that champion gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community in alignment with the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).

Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Tourism Sector of the Indian Ocean Rim Region

28 May 2021

This webinar will showcase best practices amongst companies in the tourism sector in the Indian Ocean Rim region in promoting women's economic empowerment and gender equality.

Webinar on Women’s Empowerment Principles: Principle 7 - Measurement and Reporting

29 Apr 2021

This webinar will dive deeper into Principle 7 of the WEPs: Measurement and Reporting.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs and Women-Owned Enterprises amid COVID-19

29 Apr 2021

This next webinar will focus on sharing recommendations for supporting women entrepreneurs that came out of the recent Virtual Café that was held with women entrepreneurs and representatives of IORA Member States and Chambers of Commerce from the Indian Ocean Rim region. 

#WeLearn: Being Successful with Engaging Presentations

22 Apr 2021

On 22 April 2021, the WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme hosted "Being Successful with Engaging Presentations" learning session. The session was designed to learn how different storytelling techniques, presentation materials, and delivery styles can improve how one give presentations to others.

Women’s Empowerment Principles – A conversation about transparency and accountability

16 Mar 2021


A growing number of stakeholders, including employees, consumers, investors, and civil society, are calling on companies to disclose more information on their efforts towards gender equality.

The evidence base for doing so and for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment continues to expand:

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